Yoooooooooo!!!  You can watch the whole release show for our EP “Head Aglow” at Underground Arts on April 27th.  Dig it!  Thanks to Rachel Gordon for making it look so beautiful.  You can see the whole set – a moment in time – like you’re there.  Enjoy ;)   Gets a little crazy at the end!

A Tale of the Northern Lights

On A Chain Gang

Two Eggs

Try, Try, Try, Try, Try, Try

Knife Arms

Dulcimer Grove

Shades of Red

The Mountain Song

The Crab Song

Bridges for Free

Lonely Firefly

Bring It On Home to Me (Sam Cooke ya’ll)



The Spinning Leaves = excited to release their new 7″ inch record called “Head Aglow” on APRIL 27th at Underground Arts! Be the “there for it.”

Playing the night:
+ JULIET HOPE WAYNE – hilarious good flipping gripping stories – she tells them, weaves them, relates them, spanks them, etc. the moth
+ LIGHTNINGING – fun! dance! rock horn party good tasty energy band explosion going on house smash blam blam
+ DIVERS (EmilyAna Zeitlyn and co., former – The Weeds) – oh so good songs and feels inviting mystery passion like needed bread AND buttah
+ THE SPINNING LEAVES – pure release good

We all share in common “good”. This will make for a grand freaking awesome show. Get there early, stay late.

APRIL 27TH, 2012
UNDERGROUND ARTS in the basement of the Wolf Building at
Philadelphia, PA
9 PM

Underground Arts is new and awesome and underground and so real. They will have a kitchen open for dinner and plenty of delicious local beer and fine spirits.

A little about the record ————-
“Head Aglow” was recorded at Waterfront Studios in Hudson, NY inside a large 19th century church with the renowned producer and engineer Henry Hirsch(Lenny Kravitz, Mick Jagger, Madonna). The Spinning Leaves collaborated on the production of three songs with Hirsch, their long-time friend and sonic trustee Rachel Alina, guitar galaxy genius Ross Bellenoit, and saucy beatist Spencer Cohen. The result is a record with incredible depth, both audibly and emotionally. With access to mics from the 30′s to the present and recording straight to 2 inch tape, the vinyl sounds so so so warm and their voices fly. The songs themselves are ripping and putting back together. “Knife Arms” is a spell of a song, about the beauty and snares of love, the simultaneous gut slices and clear comfort of a partner. “Shades of Red” is like catching fire, an elemental musing on the vigor and mystery of life. “Dulcimer Grove” is a big dream gift, a wonder scene of time and space given from one to another, whole again.

It is being released on Mad Dragon Records.

For the release show, The Spinning Leaves band will consist of Michael Baker, Barbara Gettes, Phil D’Agostino, Ross Bellenoit, Jonas Oesterle, Larry Toft, and Adam Hershberger. And surely some special guests ;) It will be killer!

Poster for the release beautiful – painted by Frank Kolbmann – Francis2Good.com – words art laid on by Angela Miles

Hope everyone can make it! Spread the word!


“like” us on facebook here – www.facebook.com/thespinningleaves


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